Montage of Peter Doherty and artwork

Fundraising for Peter Doherty, Comic Book Illustrator

As many of you are aware, Peter Doherty (the comic book illustrator, NOT the musician!) is currently in hospital having suffered a torn aorta. After some complications, and having spent over a week in an induced coma, the good news is that he’s now awake and, though still extremely unwell, is starting to improve.

However, he’s now facing a lengthy stay in hospital followed by months of convalescence on his return home. During this time the last thing he should have on his mind is the financial pressure of being unable to work – something we’re sure that anyone who’s been self-employed will appreciate.

We’re hoping therefore that his friends, colleagues and associated comic geeks might like to offer a little help.



Visit the page where you can donate directly.

No amount is too small!

Donate Artwork

We’re currently organising online auctions of artwork that has been kindly donated by Peter’s friends and colleagues. If you’d like to contribute a piece please get in touch and we’ll provide more details. The section below explains a little bit more.


Bid for Art

Online auctions will be appearing here very soon. It’s your chance both to get hold of original artwork and to help Peter. Artists have generously donated work in the knowledge that all the funds raised will find their way to him.


About Us – Who Are We?

As of writing there are three of us are involved in this project but with more coming on board in due course. If we’ve not credited them by the time you read this, we apologise.

Carl Waite has been a close friend of Peter’s since he was 11 years old.

Stuart Gibbins has known Peter for around 10 years and worked in the same building for much of that time and has expanded his vocabulary accordingly.

Hope Doherty is Peter’s daughter and has been consulted at every step of the way.


Providing Art for Auction

Several artists have already kindly offered pieces of work we can auction to help boost the fund. If you’d like to donate artwork for auction, please get in touch.

We’re not asking for the physical artwork to be sent to us. On completion of the auction, we’re asking artists to send the piece directly to the winner whose details we will provide. This will mean that any postage and insurance necessary will also have to be paid for by the artist. Yes, we appreciate that this is a pain in the backside (and added expense!) but we think it will speed delivery and we simply don’t have the resources to manage packaging and despatch of multiple pieces of artwork to different locations.

What we will ask for is a good quality image (or images) of the piece you want to donate, along with its details – subject, size, media, suggested reserve price etc. In the first instance, email us at or use the form below to let us have some details. We’ll then get in touch and arrange to get images from you.

You might prefer to sell the artwork yourself directly from Facebook or similar and simply donate the amount you raised via JustGiving  (some have already done this). If this is the case, we can link to your post or webpage from here and also provide a credit that will be here for as long as this site remains in action. (We know a credit isn’t important to you but it’s nice for visitors to see the artwork.)

Oh, and it doesn’t have to be art: if you’re in a related trade and have something you think Peter’s fans might be interested in, then so are we!

We’re auctioning directly from this site rather than eBay in order to avoid their charges. If we retain all the money, Peter receives all the money! Auction winners will pay securely via PayPal (where they can use either credit or debit card, or their PayPal account).

Note: Our aim is for Peter to receive as much as possible both from the auctions and from the JustGiving page. Hence all our time, hosting of this site and any associated costs are being given free of charge.

Contact Us

Please use this form to get in touch. If you’re an artist wanting donate a piece of work, please let us have as many details as possible about it (including suggested reserve price). We’ll then get in touch to arrange getting images from you.

If you already have a jpeg of the artwork available you can send it direct with the details to (unfortunately you can’t attach files to a message sent using the form).

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